Golfers Dream Gift – Wifi Sports Training Video Camera Promo Pack of 6 Units

R41,400.00 R33,899.94 Excl Vat


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Includes 6 Wifi Sports Training Video Camera’s @ a unit price of R5649.99 per camera .

SWINGSHOT Cyclops Pro Plus Wifi sports training camera is a Golfers Dream Accessory. 

SWINGSHOT Sports Training Camera specifically designed for athletes, coaches, parents of athletes, athletic departments.SWINGSHOT is a standalone HD video camera with a stainless steel turf spike for natural grass and metal stand for hard paved surfaces. SWINGSHOT has several modes that are used for“frame rate and resolution” and has optional timing settings for each mode. Equiped with TruVu anti-distortion technology, the HD resolution @ 720p and 1080p has no fisheye for a wide angle camera.

Game(1080p @ 60fps) / Train (720p @ 120fps) / Slow(480p @ 240fps) / Coach(720p @ 120fps)

Piezzo Beep , Photo burst , Wireless Playback / operation , Micro SD support

The SWINGSHOT Sports Training analytical app allows instant access to slow motion, zoom, graphics analytic tools, comparison video library, voiceover, trim and share features.