The Team

Juan Bekker

Marina Favit

Shay Favit


Region Manager (SA)

National Key Accounts Manager

Juan is the owner of Snapshotmedia SA & the inventor of the Golf Quota Game App.  After 20 years of being involved in IT as a performance driven business management strategist, and an entire lifetime of being a golfer, Juan decided it was time to combine the two & develop innovative solutions for the golfing industry.

Juan started Snapshotmedia SA when he noticed a gap in the market. Having been to countless golf days as a golfer, he saw the plight of the various golf day hole sponsors when trying to engage & network with the golfers on the field. Juan noticed that at times there seemed to be a level of reluctance from golfers in providing their contact information or participating in the hole competitions. Juan also noticed the administration & effort required from sponsors in running the golf day event. He then developed an engaging platform that could solve the admin & networking problem, improve the process & accelerate the level of engagement simultaneously.

His motto is K-I-S-S, Keep It Simple Swift. Juan enjoys being part of, as well as managing, motivating and developing productive & successful projects. Juan’s favorite part of having a business involved with golf is that it allows him to tap into his two life-long love affairs…golf & technology.

Juan loves the game & everything it is about. When he’s not working on Snapshotmedia SA, he is golfing. His invaluable familiarity with the principals & code of ethics of golf is the backbone of Snapshotmedia SA & this foundation inspires all who are part of the team to share the same incurable passion for the sport.

Marina is responsible for growth in sales & marketing in South Africa and brought on board with a vision to grow the Snapshotmedia SA footprint in the African region & ultimately extend to an international market. Marina’s goal is to execute our business mission & to enable local & global brand awareness to corporate golf day sponsors.

After running a chain of successful businesses & spending more than 2 decades in sales & marketing, Marina understands key fundamentals to driving business growth. Marina has travelled extensively all over the world & her vast experience as an entrepreneur, traveler & business woman has allowed Marina to achieve success with well-established companies throughout her career.

When Marina isn’t dedicating her time to Snapshotmedia SA, she’s outdoors working on improving her golf handicap. Marina is new to the sport of golf but what she lacks for in experience she makes up for in determination. Marina now shares Juan’s passion for the game & being natural-born competitor, she understands the value of the solutions that Snapshotmedia SA provide which differentiate our clients from the rest.

Marina is a detail-orientated, animated people’s person with a diploma in Public Relations. Her delightful personality & people management skills add a colourful & well-balanced dynamic to our highly motivated team.

Shay is a vibrant social thinker with an unyielding passion for life & people. Her aim is to grow our national client footprint & to allow our clients to maximize the return of their golf day investments by providing & facilitating access to the variety of our tech driven products & services.

Shay is an entrepreneur at heart, in fact, by the time she was 21, she had already started her own business which allowed her to travel South Africa for 7 years. After her entrepreneurial business-travel pilgrimage across South Africa, she settled down in Cape Town spent 3 years working for an IT company which helped improve CX (Customer Experience) through delivery of tech solutions to blue-chip brands. Prior to that, she spent 2 years working for a marketing firm which also had a core focus on improving CX through pioneering products & solutions.

Shay’s expertise with national brands over the last decade has led up to being perfectly suited for her current role as National Key Accounts Manager. Shay will be helping our clients increase their national & local footprint in the golfing fraternity and assisting them in improving their overall golf day experience through positioning Snapshotmedia SA’s portfolio of products & services.

Shay’s goal is to ensure that each client understands the tools & services available to help them stand out on the day and to inform our clients of how they can continue the engagement after the golf event.